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    What Is The Difference Between Double-Glazing vs Triple Glazing?

    As a property owner, you are always looking forward to changing the look of your property by replacing and installing new shop fronts or windows on your premises. As technology has paved its way in almost every industry, gone are the days when choosing the right window installation was the last thing on the owner’s list. Let’s know more about Double-Glazing vs Triple Glazing.

    With so many options on the market offering numerous benefits, selecting between double and triple glazing is a tough choice. For a long-time, double-glazed windows were the prime choice of property owners to keep their space warm and comfortable. Though, with time there has been a great demand for triple-glazed windows as well.

    Double-Glazing vs Triple Glazing

    As the name implies, double-glazing has two glass panels, and triple-glazing has three glass panels. Both of the glazings have gaps that are filled with a type of gas that allows sunlight to pass through the installation and minimizes heat loss. If you go with triple glazing, the heat loss will be reduced to 30%, which means that the energy savings are high.

    Triple glazing is best for environments that are located in cold areas. Though, the point that has to be noted is that the cost of triple glazing is much higher than the cost of double glazing and is proven to be a worthy investment for your property. 

    Which Could Be Better For You—Double Or Triple Glazing?


    If you want to have consistent temperature levels inside your premises, then choosing triple-glazed windows is the right thing to do. In addition to that, the levels of condensation in triple-glazed windows are also lower as compared to those in double-glazed windows. 


    In terms of weight, triple-glazed windows are heavy as three glass panels are used in them. Though if you talk about setting your space free from noise, there cannot be a better pick than triple-glazed panels, as they provide the best protection against sunlight.

    Light And Protection

    When you choose triple glazing, it means that an extra pane is added to your installation to minimize heat loss. The coating of triple glazing is also excellent, and a low emissive gas is used, which makes triple glazing the right choice to go for. 


    When you talk about security, triple glazing offers a high level of protection. Such an installation makes sure that intruders do not enter your premises in any manner, as they’ll be terrified by seeing such a level of security. 

    No other installation can offer more energy efficiency than triple-glazed windows or shop fronts. As the window cavity is filled with inert gas, it implies that the performance will be better. They provide enhanced home security, which is why they are the best option when it comes to window or shopfront installation. So, if you are looking for a modern and efficient installation, go for triple-glazed windows or shop fronts.